AI Powered Recruitment

In an era of technology, the number of jobs is increasing every day and it’s becoming hard for recruiters to find the right candidate. AI has huge potential when it comes to recruiting. It will not only help reduce workload, it will increase productivity and help recruiters find the right candidate. AI can also carry out a wide range of recruiting and HR-related tasks.

There are three main capabilities that companies can harness:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks helps reduce workload.
  • Talent mapping with the help of big data helps determine candidate job role fit.
  • Data Analytics powered by Machine learning helps track candidates and build relationships.

Here are some of the AI tools and technologies that empower recruitment that is expected to be a game changer in recruitment:

Every recruiter wants to hire the best candidate and tries to match the profile of the job seeker and with the opening. Recruiters have greater access to data than before and hence can leverage the power of analytics to make this happen.

Beamery is a London based startup uses machine learning techniques to enhance its clients’ applicant tracking systems and helps build relationships with their candidates. It also uses social media channels to mine information and fill the gaps in candidates’ profiles.

There are similar tools like Beamery that help automate hiring process. ThisWay Global uses AI to avoid candidate bias. Alexander Mann Solution also uses AI to analyse the data available in the public domain about the candidate and determines which candidates are best suited for each job role. It also sends out a strong need for companies like LinkedIn and Glassdoor to make huge bets on AI for finding the best candidate.

Chatbots are becoming popular all around the world and it has also found its way in the recruitment space. Mya is one of the most popular AI powered bot used by recruiter. It has the ability to use Natural Language processing to understand candidate queries and automatically responds to the query. It automatically learns itself and if it can’t response, then the query is directed to the human recruiter. It also that the ability to rank candidates based on several factors, including their qualification and level of engagement.

Another example of AI-powered chatbot is JobBot. The tool helps employers source and screen hourly workers, manage applicant flow and automatically schedule candidate interviews. Finally, AI also helps job seekers. Yodas is a bot that asks a series of question to find out the best possible role. Currently, it works for software engineers only. There are similar tools like the same – EstherBot & Jobo.

At the end of the day, it’s important for both employers and candidates to find the right job fit and AI is promising to make the day better for you. The tools are only an enabler. It’s up to the employer to treat candidates right and evolution of recruitment should be the top priority.

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